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7600 Schomburg Road

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Services provided by Edible Food Creation & Gifts

Edible Food Creations & Gifts is proud to bring you several unique services to you. Whether you are looking for unique crafty ideas for wedding, baby shower, special event or corporate events we can tailor products or events to have your guest feeling extra ordinary. Our menu of services includes event planning, favor presentations, gift ideas, special day planning. For our corporate partners, we can include a gift of month, seasonal gifts, and gift reminder service. We will put your ideas and desire into action to make the end user blown away by their gift.

Just as each service is unique so are our prices. It is difficult to give a custom price for those who have special unique needs. Please contact our office for more specific information or look throughout the web for products that we can add to your individual needs. If there is any idea that we have not shown, or something you might have in mind for us to create, let us know. Not only is this what we do. It really is what we love and our passionate about.


Our cook, and pseudo –chef (Kendrick) flare for health cooking without losing the taste has been a favorite around the holiday and for catering. In fact, we love his food so much that many of us have abandoned cooking and let him do what we does best and that it to serve others like he serves Christ.


Finally, as a platform we use the strength of education to host month health and wellness seminars to address medical issues in a healthy way. Our Smoothie Parties are themed parties that should keys to educate you on the chemical products that we expose our bodies to. Our health forums bring in community experts to discuss health related issues.

As you can see our scope is broad, but our function is specific. We have targeted several communities needs in the Columbus, GA area that we hope to empower and become a catalyst to natural and organic wellness.