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Corporate Gifts & Corporate Promotions

Everyone wants to market themselves or a company. What set you apart from the others? A gift, that everyone remembers or a calling card that someone just can't seem to throw away. We have found creative ways to make your clients or customers remember you. We can imprint, or brand many promotional items that are not your run of the mill promotional products. For example, your business card in tent form with a display of earth friendly soaps, body butters or oils for your customers who wash their hands a lot or administrators who are constantly need moisture to their skin.

Considered chocolate business cards that would leave a lasting impression made from the finest Belgium Chocolate. Or other personal items, the possibilities are limitless. We can help take you or your product to the next level or find a gift that we leave a lasting impression of your company.

Fortune Cookie Soap
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Wedding Cake Soap
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Lip Balm/Body Butters
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Perfect Pair
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Natural Bath Salts
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Wedding Coffee
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Popsicle Soap
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Mint Tins
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Chocolate Favors

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Wedding Favors/Imprint

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Food Tins

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Shower Favors

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Corp. Gift Basket

Corporate Promotions

Choc. Business Cards

Corp. Sasuage Basket

Corp. Nut Basket

Corp. Cookie Basket

Corp. Nut Gift Basket

Corporate Man Products



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