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About Edible Fruit Creations & Gifts

Thank you taking the time out to visit out site. Fun is what makes our fruit uniquely different that other Edible Arrangement companies. We began our small company in 2007in Columbus Georgia out of a desire to do something different. We were the first in town to creatively display foods that took away the traditional and added a little flair. This was a great healthy alternative to sending flowers and it was a gift that you could share with others. Today our edible arrangements can be found in hospital rooms or nurse's stations, military base, baby showers, on conference tables or cocktail tables, and backyard parties.

Edible Food Creations is the leading provider of original fresh fruit arrangements. We create our masterpieces free of preservatives and are made fresh to order. None of our arrangements are pre-made which ensures you get the freshest fruit possible. Our baskets are available for local delivery or pick up.

Believe it our not we still get very excited at the smiles on faces when our edible bouquet enters the room. Our Edible Arrangements have witnessed new births, celebrated new jobs, intruded on birthday parties, created surprise anniversaries and have even shared tears with the home going of a lost loved one. Edible Food Creations has become a service to many. We are especially proud to be so close to Fort Benning Military Base. When we hand deliver an arrangement to one of our soldiers that moment is priceless. Yes, we are known to get choked up when we deliver to a soldier. We are greatful that the word of these delicious arrangements has spread far and wide causing us to grow.

We sure hope that you enjoy your arrangement. It was created with you in mind. If you do not find what you are looking for on the website feel free to give us a call. We love creating something unique and special for your loved one and we are a sucker for a mushy story.

- Note- All fresh fruit baskets are local only -

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* All baskets are representations and containers may be substituted.